Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rock

This post is about Alcatraz Island. So if you were hoping that I was writing about the wrestler/actor Dwayne Johnson who happens to also have the same nickname, you will be very disappointed. While my mom was visiting us a couple weeks ago we toured Alcatraz in San Francisco. This was something I'd wanted to do for a long time, so I was really excited. And since I like to have a soundtrack to my life, here's what's playing in my head right now:

I love the dog drinking out of the water fountain. And the abundance of mustaches.

We took a ferry from Pier 33 (about 20 minutes) and when we arrived to the island it definitely felt a little creepy. We were free to roam the island on our own so for most of our exploring there were very few people around us (the exception was the cell house). This, combined with the cold, wind, and fog made it seem pretty eerie.

The audio tour of the cell house was really good and much preferred over a guide with a canned speech. It was told by the actual guards and prisoners who experienced the prison firsthand and guided listeners around the cell house, explaining what each area was used for and also the stories of events that happened in each area.

 Between B and C blocks

Shower room

Solitary confinement cell

Regular 5x9 cell

 The cafeteria

When we finished the cell house tour, we walked around the grounds and saw several different buildings including the morgue and the residential apartments (where the workers' families lived). I thought the view of the city from the island was really cool. There are night tours of Alcatraz and if we ever go back, that is what we'll do. I bet the view of the city is really amazing then, and can you imagine how scary it would feel after the sun sets?!

Warden's house

San Francisco

The other "The Rock"  
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