Friday, March 30, 2012

The End of the Skiing Season

Before we head into this coming weekend, we need to update you on the last. Lake Tahoe had received some more snow and Andrew was wanting to get out there and take advantage of it as it probably was going to be the last for the season. We headed out Thursday evening for Lake Tahoe. Andrew skied for a half day both Friday, at Heavenly Ski Resort on the south shore, and Saturday, at Alpine Meadows on the north.

While Andrew skied, I stayed back at the room with Hazel and read. It's going to be awhile until I'm ready to give skiing another chance (since the last trip was a total failure). I love finding places to stay that allow Hazel to stay, too. We were able to take her on a couple walks including one on the beach. She didn't seem to want to play around on this beach as much as she did on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Maybe it's the difference in the sand? But she did sniff around for awhile.

On Saturday we saw Rob Schneider perform at the MontBleu Casino. It was a really funny show.

And as we were leaving Lake Tahoe, Andrew was beyond excited to take a trip to this place...

That's the Energy Drink Outlet. Most people know my husband loves the stuff. He was already drinking that Rockstar before we even stopped. He bought some drinks to fuel his addiction and we were back on the road. I also feel I need to include this picture that was taken at a Monster Energy plant in North Carolina. Ridiculous, right?!

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