Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hank's New Home

It wasn’t long ago that we brought Hank in as our new family member. Unfortunately, things weren’t working out and Andrew and I decided that it would be best for Hank to have a new home. We took some time finding his new owner and we are so pleased with the family that adopted him. They have a lot of land so he will get plenty of time and exercise outdoors. He even has a doggy door so he can go in and out whenever he’d like. Making the decision to let him go was tough, and we went back and forth with it several times, but seeing the following pictures that his new mom sent us confirmed we made the right choice.

photos taken by his new owner

He loved being outside and there were plenty of times I would have to peel him up off the grass to come inside. He loved chasing squirrels in the yard, too. We know he really is a country dog at heart so knowing he is back to his “outdoors” lifestyle is wonderful. When he wasn’t outside, Hank and Hazel would find the sunny spots in the house, wherever the sun would shine through a window. The two of them got along well and it was adorable to see them side by side.

I already miss looking down and seeing two dogs at my feet. It’s funny how quickly an animal can attach itself to your heart. I’ll really miss evenings with Hank. After dinner the four of us would cuddle on the couch. It was the time of day Hank was most mellow, and he was just such a sweetheart when he’d doze off in your lap. He’d lick his lips a lot when he slept which would often make me wonder what he dreamt about…bacon, liver treats, maybe salmon (the first night with us I turned my back on my dinner for just a moment and he ate half my salmon!)? I think Andrew is going to miss having his sidekick around. Hank would follow Andrew around the house and even wait outside the restroom for him while he showered.
The last night with us he got a Frosty Paws ice cream treat and slept in bed with us (Hazel did, too…the whole clan in one bed!). Before his adopter came the next day we spoiled him with another doggy ice cream.

He’s definitely missed but we know he is in wonderful hands. We couldn’t have found a better home for him.

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