Monday, July 11, 2011

Taking It Easy

That's what we've been doing the past couple of weeks. Andy had a medical procedure done and so our activities are slowing down for a bit. We have gone on a couple picnics and also spent some time trying to pick up geocaching again.

 Lewis and Clark with their handy GPS

Geocaching was something Andy and I started while living in Destin. For those who don't know (or aren't as big of nerds as we are), geocaching is sort of like a treasure hunt. You follow a GPS device to a pair of coordinates where you then search for the "treasure." To me that sounds way cooler than it is. In too many cases, we have been led to areas where we have to trudge though tons of brush, risking thorn scrapes and lots of ant bites, then arrive at our destination and often don't even find the cache. On a recent journey, the coordinates landed us right under a tree. Seeing a whole at the base of the trunk, I figured that would be exactly where we would find the cache. A snake also liked the idea of this cozy little hole, too, and I'm very glad I decided to take a good peak in there before sticking my fingers in to fish for the treasure. And since I'm on the subject, I have another big beef about geocaching (besides the terrible locations these things are most often placed). It's just not fun to simply go to a set of coordinates and blindly look around for a tiny film canister that you open and write your name on a piece of paper that's tucked inside (or worse, when you end up realizing the cache isn't above ground and you have to dig for it). If they all had clues or some sort of mental puzzle that had to be done to find the item, geocaching could be something we could get into. But alas, I think it's safe to say that Andy and I are throwing in the towel on this hobby.

To keep the odd activities flowing, how about a trip to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum? Yeah, there's such a place. We happened upon this little gem after an afternoon at the Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

This place was full of Bigfoot pop culture items and also the more "scientific" items: plaster casts of footprints, teeth and their DNA testing, etc... 

Are we any more convinced that there is a Bigfoot? Not so much. That furry 4-year old in the Weekly World News is pretty convincing though, right? But we do live in the land of Sasquatch so we'll let you know if we have any sightings of our own. Until then, we're taking it easy and allowing Andrew some time to recover.

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