Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming Dogs and a Goat Farm

The weather is hot (finally!) and we were in need of a cool-down. Andrew had Friday off so we headed to a water park. We had a blast feeling like kids again on the big slides. On Saturday, we went to a nearby lake at Shadow Cliffs Recreation Area and spent the day along the shore. We read and played with Hazel. She had a great time swimming and sunbathing. Hazel loves nothing more than lying in the sun (well, that or eating a banana) so this was a day in heaven for her. 

We spent Sunday in Pescadaro and Half Moon Bay. Pescadaro is home to Harley Farms, a goat dairy farm. We went on the farm tour, which started with an overview of the farm as we sat in the garden where they grow edible flowers. Next, we ventured into the pasture and were able to move around freely and pet the goats. We were surprised at how laid back the goats were. These guys ladies (they are being bred for their milk!) would wander over to us wanting to be petted. Our guide explained any and everything you could possibly want to know about the animals. We also saw the area where the goats are milked twice daily, and even went in the kitchen where they make the cheeses. The tour was followed with a very delicious cheese tasting. We had such an amazing time at the farm that I told Andrew that someday I think we’ll need to buy a couple goats. We’ll see if we ever live somewhere where we don’t have a city ordinance against it! But, really, who would have known that goats could be that cool?

On the way home, we stopped in Half Moon Bay where there is a paved trail alongside the ocean. We had brought our bikes so we spent the rest of the afternoon biking with a beautiful view.

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