Friday, October 21, 2011

We'd Like Our $15 Back

So this post might seem kind of random among our weekend adventure posts, but my experience with the newest "as seen on TV" fad had to be written about. I've been the proud owner of quite a few of these items. I've peeled potatoes with a Rotato, turned on/off lights with The Clapper, grown Chia pets, and pulled hair out of clogged drains with the Turbo Snake. But last week Andrew made our worst As Seen on TV purchase yet... Eggies.

These are supposed to be easy-to-use containers that hold the cracked egg while it's boiled, eliminating the need to peel the egg after it is done. The box says it all, right? Just crack, boil, and twist. NOT SO. The first step was to wash all the plastic. This was when I realized there are four pieces to each Eggie, which wasn't such a big deal I suppose, it was just my first sign that these were going to be more complicated then just "crack, boil, twist."

With the pieces clean, my next instruction was to use nonstick spray on the inside of the pieces (hmm... they didn't mention that on the box). It was then time to attach each Eggie base to its top with a collar. Because the pieces did not fit snugly due to cheap plastic threading, it took multiple attempts to screw each Eggie together. Now they were ready to fill with an egg. Even this proved difficult.

The yolks were too big to pass easily through the top so they got beaten up and broken. And while the yolk rested on the top of each Eggies waiting for gravity to have its way, the white dripped down the outside.

So now I screwed on the tops to the Eggies and put them in a pan of warm water and turned the burner on high to boil.

See all that egg white mess that leaked out? After letting them cook for the recommended time, I pulled them out and let them sit to cool so I could unscrew the pieces. Here's how they looked:

I don't know why I was expecting a round egg. I should have figured that they would have a flat surface, but it was just so weird for me to see this outcome. What was even weirder were the little holes in the surface of the whites:

Ugly, huh? And a lot of work. I was left with a sink full of plastic pieces with egg stuck on them. I left them to soak for awhile. My plan was to clean the pieces and put them in our "to donate" pile. But the egg white was refusing to come off and the non-stick spray was leaving the pieces kinda greasy. Then Andy came home. I shared the Eggies horror story with him and through the laughing he said, "So what you're saying is you intend for someone else to buy this garbage so they can discover it's junk, too?!" Point taken. I stopped scrubbing and the Eggies went in the trash.

This morning I got this email from Bed Bath and Beyond:

Really?! Can't live without it?? I bet you I can. And I bet these people can, too:

The ugly hard boiled eggs did get eaten and tonight I did my next batch the old fashioned way (boil and peel). After my Eggie adventure, I had never been so happy to peel a regular hard boiled egg. I was also happy to be able to use my new deviled egg tray with conventional round eggs.

I left these on the counter to go upstairs with Andrew to do a couple things on the computer. He went down to grab one and yelled up to me "Lindsay, did you leave the eggs on the counter?  I don't see them... [pause...then laughing]...uhhh, I think Hazel ate them all!" Yep, our little 10-pound dog jumped up onto a bar stool and onto the counter and ate the plate of eggs. Maybe I'll take a break from eggs for awhile.


  1. Mwah ha ha! This cracks me up... must be a weiner dog thing! One time we were eating chicken and had my nanny over for dinner. She swore she put a chicken leg on her plate, which sat on the kitchen table. Well, it turns out she did, but Hank snatched it! When I figured it out and was trying to pry it from his jaws, there was no getting that sucker!

    Hank: 1
    Mommy: 0

  2. Haha! Love the story, Kati! Hazel has never had a real bone before but, like Hank, I know there would be no way of getting it back. I bet Hank thought he was in heaven with a whole chicken leg!