Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Happens in Vegas

We just celebrated our two year anniversary with a long weekend in Las Vegas! We dropped the pup off at Petsmart's PetsHotel early on Friday morning.

 We had to wait a few minutes in the car until they opened. This is Hazel giving me the 
evil eye because she knows she is being left while we go on vacation.

The ride ended up being about 8 1/2 hours long (a breeze compared to the 40 hours it took us to drive from Florida to California when we moved!). We saw two shows this trip. The first was the Justin Timberlake and Friends Concert on Saturday night at Planet Hollywood. BIG BUMMER. When we bought the tickets, there was no forewarning that this was an "old school jam." It was only when we rolled into Las Vegas that we found Justin's "friends" included Earth, Wind, and Fire, the Commodores, Color Me Badd, and Sister Sledge. We're a bit young for these bands so sitting through five hours of their music was tough. We did like Turbo B (from Snap!) singing the hits "The Power" and "Rhythm is a Dancer." Also, Wayne Brady hosted the event and he was awesome. He even did an improv serenade for a woman in the audience. When it was time for Vanilla Ice to take the stage, we were super psyched. Unfortunately, Vanilla Ice has a new style and it's downright creepy (think skulls, a dancing clown, sparks from a grinding wheel, and his new trying-to-sound hardcore metal [but just sorta-demonic] voice). And to top it all off, Justin never sang. Not a single song. Not even a single lyric. Past shows have features friends like Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Salt-N-Pepa, Alicia Keys, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Boys II Men with two hour performances by the man himself. I can't help but feel like we got the short end of the stick at this concert.

Buuut, there's good news ahead! We did go see Phantom at the Venetian and it was amazing! The theater/stage was gorgeous and effects were awesome. During the day, I hung out at the pool and did some reading. Andrew joined me for awhile but did spend some time in poker tournaments each day. And, of course, we did a lot of walking up and down The Strip.

We drove back to San Jose on Tuesday. We were so excited to pick up Hazel and were glad to see she had a good time being a "party animal" at Petsmart.

Hazel's report card

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