Monday, November 14, 2011

Carolina Weekend

This weekend we got to spend some time out east! Andrew needed to go to North Carolina for a short work trip so we decided to make it a mini-vaca and I would go out there to meet him for the weekend. He flew out on Wednesday morning and I left Thursday afternoon. What an amazing weekend! The weather was perfect and the views were awesome. We are suckers for the fall. There's something so cozy about the cooler temperatures, bringing out warm clothes and blankets, and my very favorite part is the way leaves turn their red/green/orange colors.

We ate some awesome food out there. Andy and I have never been fried chicken eaters, but decided to try Bojangles' for the first time. I know, we lived in North Carolina for over a year and never ate there which is like a Californian who has never eaten at an In-N-Out Burger (and I'm ashamed to admit I have never eaten there, either!). So all I have to say for myself now is that I have a lot of years of fried chicken eating to make up for. It was pretty great. We also ate some amazing barbecue that must be mentioned (you can't be in NC and not eat barbecue, at least, that's my excuse). Thank you, Eric, for the recommendation!

We spent our time checking out the Lake Hartwell (Anderson/Clemson, South Carolina) and Lake Norman areas. We loved the towns of Mooresville, Cornelius, and Huntersville. And this pumpkin decoration in the yard of an area home was so adorable:

And we really loved Lake Norman. I'm pretty sure that Heaven for Andrew would be a house and boat (with skis and a spotter) on the lake. That sounds pretty good to me, too.

Andy was also happy to get to see the U.S. National Whitewater Center which offers rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking... all Andrew-esque activities.

Andrew even found a new pair of pajamas at Target (he didn't really get them but I think it must be said that adult footie pajamas are awesome).

We were sad when it was time to leave but we were so glad to get home to see Hazel. Andy picked her up at Petsmart this morning (we arrived back in San Jose late last night when they were closed). Like any proud mother, I have to show off her report card:

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