Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Much to be Thankful For

This Thanksgiving I wanted to reflect on all the amazing blessings in my life. Here it goes (one for each day of the month, in no particular order).

1. God and Jesus- For being my creator, dying for me, forgiving my sins, answering my prayers, being by my side so I never go through any struggle alone, and the promise of eternal life.

2. South Bay Church- For helping me get back on track with Christ. I love my women's life group and volunteer group. The pastors and congregation are so friendly. It feels like family when I am with you all, and that's really comforting when I'm so far from "home."

3. My husband- My best friend and partner through life.

4. Family- Including the most loving and supportive parents a girl could ask for.

5. Friends- Old and new.

6. My Dog- I love how she squeals with excitement when I walk through the door. She's a sweetheart and a great companion.

7. Places We've Lived- We've had the opportunity to live in a handful of states and gotten to explore areas we might not have been able to otherwise.

8. My Body/Good Health- I'm so blessed to have no physical limitations.

9. Living in America- I so often take for granted my freedom. I am so thankful for the soldiers who put their lives on the line for our country, and for the families of soldiers who sacrifice while their loved ones serve. I'm also thankful for the police, fire, and rescue workers who fight to keep us safe.

10. Great Food- I love eating. It's one of my favorite hobbies. So I'm thankful that I have so many options to keep my mouth and stomach happy. I like just about anything but sushi, pizza, apples, yogurt, and just about any dessert are my true (food) loves.

11. The Outdoors- Green grass, pretty flowers and trees, blue skies with fluffy clouds. The sun and rain for helping to grow the beautiful things in nature. Also, the sun for keeping me warm and rain because I love a gloomy day every once in awhile.

12. Naps- Few things are better than a mid-day nap. But, if it just happens to be raining when I take a nap and I can hear that soothing sound as a fall asleep, I am seriously in heaven.

13. Seasons- As soon as I get tired of the heat of summer, Fall rolls in with its cooler temperatures. Winter puts me in "cozy mode" where I love to snuggle under blankets and bring out my favorite clothing...fleece! And just when I'm done with being cold, Spring starts. It gets a little warmer and nature comes alive again. Then summer begins and the shorts come out. How lucky we are to have four changes in the weather each year.

14. Books- Some to gain knowledge, some just for fun. I'm thankful for authors who share their gift. I'm also thankful for an amazing library with so much to choose from.

15. Blue Ridge, GA- The small town where Andy and I got engaged and were married. I love it.

16. Bodies of Water- We grew up in a lake town and lived for years near the ocean. We feel at home where there is water.

17. Andrew's Great Skill- Andrew was blessed with being tech-savvy. He knew his gift from a young age and has been building on it ever since. I'm so thankful that his knowledge has provided for our family.

18. "The Basics"- I have never needed to worry about having a home, car, clothes, heat, etc. I am incredibly thankful I have all these needs provided for.

19. Growing and Discovering on a Daily Basis- There are new things to learn every single day. How cool is that?!

20. Senses- I have all 5 and am so thankful I get to experience life with each.

21. Adventures with Andy- We've been on so many. I'm really glad he pushes me to do things I wouldn't normally do. I know I would have never been rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, or skiing (snow or water) had it not been for him. He also pushes me to go on camping trips way more often than I ever would.

22. Kindness of Strangers- I love when someone you don't know goes out of their way to do something nice for you. Even just a smile or 'hello' from someone I cross paths with makes me happy.

23. Clean Water- I am so blessed to have clean water in abundance. Clean (and cold!) from the refrigerator, kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, outside hoses... Some people don't have clean drinking water, and we have so much clean water we can use it to bathe and swim in and even water our lawns.

24. Technology- Cell phones, the Internet, email. I am so glad I can use all of these to be connected with others.

25. Our Bicycles- Andy and I love our bikes! We ride around our neighborhood and take them to parks in the area. We also like running errands together on them.

26. Music- I have no vocal or instrumental talent, so I really appreciate that those who do share their gift. Music can completely transform my mood and I am always singing along to the radio or some mp3s in the car.

27. Great TV Shows and Movies- Because life would be so much less fun without Nurse Jackie, Dexter, The Office, or any of the great movies we are able to watch.

28. Weekends- I love having two days each week when Andy and I can connect and have fun.

29. Understanding/Forgiveness/Compassion- Because I am not perfect (that's a big understatement!), I'm so glad others still accept me regardless.

30. My Teachers Throughout the Years- I've had so many terrific ones. A big 'thank you' to all of them for passing on their knowledge.

And a Bonus:
31. Holidays- I'm like a big kid at holiday time. I love them all. I'm glad that we have so many throughout the year to bring a little extra excitement to life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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