Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Sur Camping (Last Weekend, Part 1)

Last weekend was pretty busy so we're going to break it down into two parts. On Friday we drove down to Big Sur, one of our favorite places in this area. The views of the coast are just amazing. It was pretty foggy on Friday (late afternoon-ish) so we didn't bother stopping to take any pictures and instead drove straight to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Andrew set up the tent while I sat out our camping chairs. The guy is a pro at it so I leave it to him because I usually just end up getting in the way. And he did really have it up in the time it took me to set out chairs and put on my tennis shoes. We threw our stuff in the tent and drove over to Pfeiffer Beach. We hadn't been before but had heard of its purple sand which gets its color from the surrounding rocks. On our visit we only saw a few patches of sand with a light purple hue. We later found out that the sand gets darker the further north on the beach you go, where the following photo from LA Times Travel was taken:
Image source here.

Our photos show a much more "normal" color sand:

We left before sunset and went back to the campground and biked for awhile. Then Andrew built a fire where we sat the rest of the evening.


We woke up early the next morning, tore down our site, and stopped to get pictures as we left beautiful Big Sur.

Ever seen the "Happy Cows Come from California" ads? I believe it!

Then we drove onto Castroville, where the 53rd annual Artichoke Festival was taking place. Last year we just happened to stumble upon the festival when we were visiting Santa Cruz/Monterey/Big Sur. You can read about that trip
We walked around and checked out the vendors, then hopped back in the car with our freshly fried donuts and kettle corn (how I love fair food!) and drove back to San Jose. We were back in time to take a quick nap to energize us for our next big adventure this weekend...stay tuned for Timko Weekend Part 2!

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