Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greetings from Florida!

A few days ago I got back from a visit to Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida. Being back in Florida reminded me of a lot of things I loved that I took for granted while we lived there:

-The beach. I really didn't think moving away from the gulf was going to be that big of a deal for me because I thought I'd be close enough to the ocean in San Jose. But we were lucky enough to see it daily while living in Florida and now it's about an hour and a half away. And the coast here couldn't be anymore different than from the Florida Panhandle. It was so nice to see that powdery white sand and turquoise blue water again.

-The food. I got my fill of oysters on the trip. I'm in love with the things. I don't care for the raw ones but I flip for them when they're baked or fried. I also had tuna dip, fish tacos, loads of shrimp, scallops, a grouper sandwich, hushpuppies, and Blue Bell ice cream. And now I'm struggling to button my shorts. Totally worth it!

-Family. It was so nice to have plenty of time with my parents. My mom and I did quite a bit of shopping and beaching. We would sit on their back porch most nights and talk. I had missed the comfort I feel being in their home, laughing and sharing stories.

-Friends. My friend, Jacqueline, and I spent some time in Destin at the beach, went for a couple dinners, and met our friend, Mary, for a lunch overlooking the water.

Meeting Mary for lunch.

Jacqueline's daughter. She loves the beach and has the cutest swim suits.

-Nature. I didn't realize how much the lack of nature in a big city affects me. There have been many times when Andy will ask what I want to do for the day and my response is something like, "I just want to go sit in a park on some grass with some trees around." I miss seeing green things. And animals.

My parents' backyard, where there are plenty of frogs, lizards, and even turtles.
The sound of chirping frogs that I love. This is actually pretty mild.
It sometimes gets so loud it's difficult to talk over them!
It was great to get my fill of these things before heading back to San Jose. Next time I'm hoping I can have Andrew and Hazel join me. Because even though it felt like I was back home with some of my favorite things in Florida, it just wasn't home without my most favorite person and pup!

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