Friday, April 15, 2011

Moving Day

The big day has arrived. Andy has been in meetings in San Jose/Cupertino for a few days and is flying back to drive with Hazel and me to our new home. This might not make total sense for him to fly across the country just to turn around and make the long drive back, but we decided we wanted to make the journey together (and driving 40 hours with just Hazel as my co-pilot seemed impossible). Speaking of the pup, here she is getting ready:

And I can’t leave Destin without sharing some pictures of the time we’ve spent here:

Hazel's First Birthday

Hazel's Second Birthday
Galati Girls
(Marissa, Jacqueline, Lindsay, Mary)
30a Beach
Florida Wildlife
Our first flight together with Andrew as an official pilot
Andrew & Donald deep sea fishing

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