Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Trip!

We have now been on the road for three full days and have just five short hours left of the drive. Believe it or not, the drive has been a breeze. No pulling each other’s hair out or anything! Even Hazel has been a trooper. Usually she’s a little whiny in the car, but for some reason we haven’t heard a peep from her on this trip. On day one we made it to San Antonio, Texas. Day two was spent driving to Willcox, Arizona, and today we’re stopping in Santa Clarita, California (north of LA).
We wanted to fit in as many roadside attractions as possible but there just hasn’t been much to see on this journey. This is the (very dry) view we’ve had the last couple of days:

We stop several times a day to walk Hazel. Lucky for me, my husband understands my love for tacky gift shops so that has been the site for most of Hazel’s walks. In Dragoon, Arizona, we succumbed to the billboards calling us to see “The Thing.” This has to be the oddest roadside attraction Andy and I have ever seen. We also briefly stopped in the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park then decided that, at 102 degrees, we didn’t want to risk Hazel getting overheated. We missed our exit to our next attraction, the Cabazon Dinosaurs at the end of our I-10 journey. If you’ve seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, this is where Pee Wee and Simone watched the sunrise in the mouth of a T.Rex. Sadly, we knew we would have to backtrack too far, so we continued on to Santa Clarita. Tonight we’ll find some dinner and get some rest before the big day tomorrow!

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