Saturday, April 23, 2011

First California Weekend

We’re driving ourselves crazy as we wait for our new carpet to be installed. We still have all our belongings in the garage so we’re trying to do as many things as we can outside the house to keep our minds off the inside. So we headed to Napa Valley for the day, about an hour’s drive from our very empty home. Andrew had been to Napa before so I had seen pictures and knew what to expect, but it still was a little odd coming from the area we live (how busy and hectic it is) to just how calm and country-like Napa feels. Also surprising is that the area harvests a great deal of olives in addition to just grapes.  Lucky for me, this meant stopping and sampling some great olive oils. We visited one winery, V.Sattui, and walked around the grounds. While in Napa we also went to an Earth Day festival. We listened to music in the park and visited booths to learn about sustainable living. Afterward, we walked around downtown and did some shopping at Oxbow Public Market.  We’re excited to bring my mom, a wine-lover, to Napa when she comes to visit.

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