Monday, May 30, 2011

Everywhere You Look…

I was singing the themes song to Full House all weekend. Why, you ask?  Because we saw the house that’s featured in the show. I know they didn’t actually film here but this is the home that in the show’s openings. Oh, how I miss the TGIF lineup on Friday nights!

After that little adventure, we parked in a lot near Pier 39.  We brought along our bikes and rode them to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge where we stopped for some photo ops, then rode up the hill and over the bridge.  It was cloudy and sprinkling the entire ride to the bridge but, amazingly, the sky cleared and it was a gorgeous ride over the bridge. The only thing that could have been better would be to ride over it with the Tanner clan themselves in that sweet red convertible of theirs. Have Mercy!
Bridge view from Golden Gate Park before our ride


Alcatraz View from Ferry

Tanner House

When we reached the other side we biked into Sausalito where we promptly hit a candy store (we needed fuel for the ride back home, right?!). We found a rack and locked our bikes up so we could walk around downtown and browse the shops. When we were finished, we caught a ferry back to San Francisco. Unfortunately, it began to pour while we were on the ferry which made for a rough ride back to the car. And a pretty gross-feeling hour ride back home. But it was completely worth it.

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