Monday, May 30, 2011

Usher Concert

Andrew surprised me with tickets to see Usher about a month ago. We saw a bus with an advertisement on the side and I casually had said, “An Usher concert would be fun to go to.” There was no response from him and I didn’t expect one. I wouldn’t push Andrew into going to a concert where he’d certainly be outnumbered by thousands of screaming female fans. When we got home he disappeared for a few minutes then tossed a couple Usher tickets at me. Pretty cool, huh? So last night was the big night and it was such a good time.  Usher sang nearly every one of his hits and the dancing was amazing. He even did a tribute to Michael Jackson where song clips and video played while Usher performed MJ’s famous dances. It was incredible and actually felt like we were at a Michael concert for a moment. Andrew was such a good sport and while I couldn’t get him to stand up and dance with me, I was just glad to have him as my date for the evening!

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