Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome Home, Marc!

The fun outings we anticipated having are falling by the wayside as we have been searching for a car. We sold one of our vehicles after having some problems arise with the company who was set to tow the car to California, so the decision was made to let the car go and get another upon arriving. This was easier said than done and proved to be a much longer and difficult process than we had hoped for. But it all worked out because we now are the proud owners of Marc (we didn’t choose this name- his plate has ‘MRC’ and a string of numbers, clearly making him a “Marc”). He’s happy to join his sister, Ann, in the driveway (she was named for her license plate, too). This is exciting news as we now have a vehicle that will accommodate our outdoor gear. Bikes and kayaks go on top, while Hazel’s cage and camping gear have plenty of room when we fold down the seats in the back.

So now that the car hunt is officially over, we’ve freed time up for some activities that are more what we had in mind.

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