Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake Tahoe

What a great weekend! We hopped in the car on Friday and had one thing on our minds… a relaxing weekend camping in Lake Tahoe. It took us four hours to get to Nevada Beach Campground, our home for the next two nights. We really lucked out with our camp site.  The view was absolutely incredible.

I had never been to Lake Tahoe, so the idea of snow covered mountains in June was extremely foreign to me. While lying outside our tent, I was able to suntan while looking at the snowy mountains! Andrew kayaked on the lake while I read but by the early afternoon we were ready to hike with Hazel to see the Angora Lakes. We were expecting it to be a short one, however, the road that lead to the trailhead was gated shut, presumably from the lingering snow and heavy snow melt. We decided to park the car outside the gate and hike it in to the trailhead. This ended up taking much longer that we had anticipated. Andrew had his iPad with him which he consulted with often and would say to me “it (the lake) should be just over this ridge.”

That became the trip’s tagline as it felt like we crossed 20 ridges before we ended up approaching the still-frozen lake! How quickly our dream of cliff jumping into the lakes came to an end! Hazel must have sensed the upcoming calamity because she was dead set on turning around just minutes into the hike.

But after sweet talking her into cooperating, she proved to be the man woman as she just kept trucking along. The hike certainly wasn’t a bust, though. It was great family time for us and we also got an amazing view of Fallen Leaf Lake.

Since it got cool in the evening, we were able to leave the pup in her cage in the car (windows cracked, of course), and we strolled along the town and through a couple casinos.  We did the same the next morning and also went to a couple beautiful lookouts (including Emerald Cove). Andrew is excited to come back and ski when winter brings a heavy blanket of snow to the mountains. I’m not so much.  But I am all about snuggling up in a ski lodge with some hot chocolate and a good book!

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