Monday, June 6, 2011

Rainy Weekend

This weekend didn’t quite turn out as planned. The car was loaded with everything that we would need for a weekend of camping in Yosemite. The sky was turning gray before Andrew and I checked the weather (one of these days we’ll learn and do this prior to just before taking off).  Sure enough, rain and thunderstorms were forecasted for all weekend. Not having anything else to do, we hopped in the car and drove over to California’s Great America. We bought season tickets a month ago and have found it so convenient to be able to stop in for a few rides and leave just as soon as the lines and screaming kids get on our nerves. So we got in a couple rides before it started to pour and spent the evening and next day watching movies. 
On Sunday the rain stopped and we went to Gilroy Gardens, which ended up being more of a kid/family amusement park than we realized. And since Andy and I are sans child, we felt a little weird! The park has a garden theme and there are six gorgeous garden areas to walk. I thought the park’s  “circus trees” were really cool. The trees were created by a California man who dedicated his life to shaping and grafting them into these strange and complex designs. The park bought the trees when he died, and transplanted them in their gardens.  The park is in Gilroy, CA, which is known as the Garlic Capital of the World. We drove through Gilroy as we were making our way to our new home on moving day and for some reason escaped the very pungent garlic smell. This Sunday, however, the garlic scent was in full force and had us wondering how the citizens of Gilroy have gotten used to that aroma.
While our parade was definitely rained on this weekend, we ended up having a good time and are excited to do Yosemite another weekend.  But we WILL be checking the forecast first!

Swan paddle boat ride!!

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